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SHE said: Parting words from your celebrity columnists


I’d like to start my final column as your She Said with a congratulatory shout out to the happy couple and stars of this weekend’s Mock Wedding festivities, the Slowey’s. I hope the wedding night was all you dreamed it would be. If being the Adam to another person’s Pecora doesn’t scream true love, I don’t know what does.

Sad but true, Mock Wedding has come and gone and that means that the year is that much closer to being over. Pack up your stuff and say your goodbyes, kids. See ya next year … Oh, wait, no I won’t.

Life would be perfect if I could live at The Bunny forever, but we can’t always get what we want. Instead I’ll be hanging out with the fam in New Jersey, reliving the glory days and counting down the days until the five-year reunion.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve had a pretty great time over the last four years, but this one takes the cake. The Mirror basically turned me into a celebrity, which is awesome, but it also forced me to talk to Dan Stanczyk way more than I ever wanted (kidding!).

In all seriousness, even though Dan and I have what some would call a love/hate relationship, it’s definitely more love than hate and it was fun brainstorming ideas with him all year. I’m not going to lie though, if I never hear “Oh my God it’s He Said/She Said!” at the bar again, I won’t be terribly upset.

A couple of pieces of advice for my successor, whoever she may be: Drawing from your own life experiences as well as your girlfriends’ is always a big hit. You can’t go wrong with the truth, and using your friends’ awkward decisions and mistakes to entertain the entire student body is a good time all around.

You should also try to keep your relationship with your He Said strictly business – if you don’t, those Sunday night topic-choosing conversations could get a little weird.

In closing, even though I know you guys will miss seeing my gorgeous pic in the paper every week, find solace in the fact that you won’t have to see Stanczyk’s ever again.

And also, don’t take any of the “advice” I’ve given over the last 27 weeks seriously … I actually have no idea what I’m talking about.

As Fogel’s B.F.F. Evan likes to say, “Sorry!! Byeee!!”

HE said: Parting words from your celebrity columnists


When I first got this position, Rec Plex Rich, a man that has been at Fairfield for the better part of the decade, told me that I had to hook up with She Said at some point during the year. With that already accomplished, I focused on providing the most accurate male perspective I could as well as some intriguing observations about college life.

That being said, I do feel the need to at least express my gratitude to Jackie. She was fun to work with, had some good topic ideas and was a pretty decent writer in her own right. Now I’m sure that most of you never even read her column, but to those of you that did, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank her for what she did write. In my quest to provide an accurate male commentary, I made some comments that most people would never put their name next to. But no matter how far I crossed the line, I knew that Jackie’s column would at least somewhat back me up.

After the barrage of letters to the editor, a “We Said” article and the formation of an absurd female group that I shouldn’t even dignify because without me they never would have formed, our lovely editors clearly began to crack down a bit on the hot fire of truth that I was writing. (If you’d like a copy of the unedited articles, don’t hesitate to ask.)

Still, it is rare that a writer gets the opportunity to write as freely as I did and for that I’d like to thank The Mirror staff. I took pride in voicing the collective male opinion week in and week out, whether it took 400 words or just one.

I tried my best not to write about senior oriented topics because I remember how much those articles let me down when I was a freshmen and sophomore. This was the one article that I looked forward to reading every week and I wanted to make sure that this was still the case for the majority of you.

Now I’m sure that there are people out there that loved this article and those who hated it. To the people that loved it, I say thank you. And to those of you who hated it, I say hate on haters.

IRHA Mr. Fairfield video


Video story by Mirror reporter Christopher Haliskoe on the IRHA Mr. Fairfield competition, a talent show held in the lower level of the Barone Campus Center on Thursday night.

The competitors were: Jon Tirrel ’09 from the townhouses, Alex Lobozzo from the Village, Pat LaRiviere ’11 from Campion, Alex Drzaic ’10 from Loyola and Billy Helfrich ’11 from Gonzaga.

The winner of the competition was LaRiviere, who covered the Ben Folds song “The Luckiest” on the piano.