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When to put the flip flops away:

Whether you're representing the beloved state of our very own Fairfield University, or you're from all the way out on the West Coast, you've learned by now that Connecticut isn't always 70 degrees and sunny....
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Extreme shopping on eBay

Why are these absurd items posted on eBay? How can someone market something as incalculable as a life, as intangible as a soul, or as useless as a 10-year-old sandwich? Has the globalization of world economies rendered virtually anything a commodity- even a kick to the groin?

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Editorial: A team to remember

As the basketball season begins and the excitement grows about the men's and women's teams, both of which were selected second in the Metro Athletic Atlantic Conference (MAAC) pre-season poll, the fall sports...
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Campus crime beat 11/13/08

Tuesday, Nov. 4 11:11 p.m. A harassment case was reported and was referred to judicial. Wednesday, Nov. 5 1:03 p.m. A recycling bin was reported stolen from Townhouse 7 block, there are currently no suspects....
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NCAA First Round Preview

Key matchups Oklahoma State Attack vs. Fairfield Defense The Cowgirls boast the No. 1 ranked offense in the country while Fairfield has the 15th ranked defense in the nation. The Stags are anchored by...
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Political science textbook: $150. Accounting textbook: $210. Biology textbook: $250. Fairfield University students find themselves spending as much as $850 or more each semester, just as a current Fairfield...
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Riding clean:

Have you ever considered riding on two wheels instead of four? With gas prices and environmental awareness both on the rise, universities across the nation are giving bikes to incoming freshmen in order to...
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What songs are taking over the airwaves?

1. Beyonce- If I Were a Boy

The ex-Destiny's Child star has been all over the radio the past few weeks with her brand new song, 'If I Were a Boy.' The first single off her new album, which is due out Nov. 18, 'If I Were a Boy' is a departure from her normal style, with a mostly guitar driven sound reminiscent of a rock ballad. Try not getting the chorus stuck in your head.

2. The Killers- Human

The Las Vegas rockers have returned to airwaves with its new single, 'Human'. The band once again reinvents its sound with this song, which is also the first single off the group's upcoming third album, 'Day and Age.'
Next time your driving down I-95, be sure to tune into Z100 or K-Rock, which has been playing this song continuously.

3. T.I.- Live Your Life

Although I really wish my housemate would stop blasting this song at all hours of the night, I must admit it is a catchy track. Kicking off with a nod to Moldovan pop music trio O-Zone's 'Dragostea Din Tei,' the shrill intro melts into Rihanna's familiar voice.
T.I and Rihanna are a great pop tag team, with their vocal chemistry producing one of the biggest hits of the Fall.

4. Britney Spears- Womanizer

Despite all the media backlash and constant scrutiny, it's going to take an atomic bomb to take this girl down.
She may be a terrible parent and an unorthodox role model, but she sure can write a mean Top 40 hit. 'Womanizer,' just like all other Britney songs, is an instant pop hit.