Being a public safety officer tends to have a negative connotation to Fairfield University students. But besides busting people for alcohol and giving parking tickets, they are normal down- to- earth people. The Mirror spoke with Public Safety Officer Justin Walker to explore the other, side of him.

The Mirror:
What college did you go to?
Officer Justin Walker: I went to a couple: Fordham, Southern Connecticut State and I am currently taking classes at Fairfield University.

TM: What is your major? Where would you like to go with it?
JW: My major is professional studies, my concentration is organizational leadership and I am thinking I will stay in the law enforcement field, but I’m not positive.

What is your favorite part about your job?
JW: The camaraderie of the department.

TM: What is your favorite movie?
JW: Caddyshack.

TM: What was your craziest college experience?
JW: Ahh [laughs] … Lets just say too many wild nights and memory’s a blur.

TM: Where is your favorite place to eat in town?
JW: Either Senor Salsa or Bear and Grill.

TM: What is funniest thing you ever witnessed on campus?
JW: The funniest times are when I see a student do something and I confront them and the student denies it.

Q. How long have you been a public safety officer for?
JW: Three years.

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