I am going to start this review off by making a prediction: Although relatively unknown to the mainstream, I envision newcomer Ace Enders to become a radio sensation by 2009’s end.

I don’t usually see eye to eye with the mainstream, though, so I could be proven wrong. After all, it seems like I am the only reviewer in the country who thought U2’s new album was absolutely horrid.

Enough of this rambling, though. Let’s get back to the actual review.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Ace Enders, you might know him better as the front man of the late emo quartet, The Early November. After the band’s breakup over two years ago, Enders has imprisoned himself in his personal studio, working hard on his debut album.
The hard work certainly shows off, too, as his debut ‘When I Hit The Ground’ provides some of the most impressive music of his 10-year career.

The 14-track album strays away from the heavy emo-rock sound that embodied his previous band’s music, and aims toward a more pop rock sound.
This poppy feeling is portrayed best in the standout track, ‘Bring Back Love,’ which boast Beatles-esque lyrics about the necessity of a platonic love for our world.

By the year 2020 I want to look at what we did / So we can stand up all together cause we put an end to it / Bring back love.’

The album gains all its integrity and greatness with the title track, ‘When I Hit the Ground.’ Opening up with a single piano rhythm, the song slowly begins to build up, and then explodes into the hair raising chorus. ‘Cut me deep so you can see, that everything is not what it seems. On my knees I’m breaking down. Just know I loved you when I hit the ground.’

This slow ballad about a constant struggle to win back a lost love is destined to become a breakthrough hit for Enders. That is, of course, if it gets the exposure that it rightfully deserves.

The piano driven, rock ballad formula is seen again on the album with the inspirational track, ‘Leader.’ Seemingly inspired by the recent presidential election and the problems the country has been currently facing, the song greatly shows off Enders incredible vocal range, as he belts out some of the most chilling and eye popping notes he has ever attempted.

Some other stand out tracks featured on the hour long record include the fast paced head bopper, ‘Reaction,’ as well as the stripped down, coffee house-esque ‘Emergency.’
For fans of any of Enders previous work, I’d highly recommend picking up this album. For all those who are intrigued, go give this new artist a listen, as Enders is sure to hit the ground running.

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