The Mirror online staff is pleased to release a slightly tweaked web design! We upgraded our WordPress theme to the latest version and have been working hard over the past few days to re-customize it and match our style. There are numerous improvements with this new visual refresh.

First, the rotating image carousel has been drastically revamped. It does not distort the page layout when loading on slower connections. It is also much more responsive, and the content pauses when a user clicks on the arrows. Some graphics on the scroller were also improved, such as the left and right arrows (which still don’t look good in Internet Explorer, but that’s not our fault because that browser is inferior and does not handle transparency well – we recommend Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

In addition, a bug was fixed where the story boxes under the image carousel were misaligned when there were variable amounts of text in them.  The boxes are now symmetrical and aligned nicely, no matter how small or large the story excerpt is.

Please take some time to leave us feedback – we might have missed something. Enjoy the improved user interface of this site!

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