This season’s best Rockstar movie: Tenacious D “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny” Movie Release Date: Nov. 18 Album Release Date: Nov. 4

Jack Black, after delving into the costumed persona of Nacho Libre and channeling his inner PT Barnum in King Kong, has come back to the very thing that fueled his rise as a comic mastermind; rock and roll. Under the flag of the rockin’ acoustic duo Tenacious D, he and Kyle Gass have sung songs of beating back demons with some Zeppelin, taking over City Hall, penis pushups, and Ronnie James Duo, but have woefully remained unknown. Now, they take their story to the big screen, and an album as well – their story of their birth as a band, and the quest for the supernatural relic that would bring them fame; the Pick of Destiny. The album will continue the tradition of their self-titled debut album, and deliver unto the world another record of acoustic rock that truly rocks, and doesn’t just tack on the “rock” name to give an easy listening some legitimacy. – Brian Lynch

“Man of the Year” Oct. 13

A political comedy, starring Robin Williams and Christopher Walken that might actually be worth seeing. Although the slick and over-produced styling of director Barry Levinson limits its real potential, there is guaranteed to be something unique and funny when Williams and Walken take the stage together. A possible drawback however, is the cheese factor. Robin Williams plays Tom Dodds, a Jon Stewart-like talk show host turned politician, and finds himself winning the presidential election. Maybe silliness is the whole point, but unless you have a lot of free time, that kind of cheese can wait. – Skip Russell

“Flags of Our Fathers” Oct. 20

Flags of Our Fathers is a film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Ryan Phillippe, Adam Beach, and Jesse Bradford. The movie is based off of the book by James Bradley and Ron Powers released in 2000. “Flags of Our Fathers” follows the story of the soldiers putting up the flag after the battle of Iwo Jima in the WWII picture after the famous photograph was taken. The premise is that one photograph can win a war. The film comes appropriately after the death of photographer Joe Rosenthal this August. – Christen Mecabe

“Casino Royale” Nov. 17

Desperately trying to get back to its roots, the Bond series is starting with the first of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, “Casino Royale.” The slate has been cleaned with the firing of Pierce Bronson as the James Bond and the arrival of Daniel Craig (“Munich” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”). Many Bronson fans are still holding a grudge while true Bond fans are jumping for joy that the Ken Doll Bond is finally out of the picture. The plot of the new film, according to, is Bond stopping a banker from winning a casino tournament and using the money for terrorist activity. As for the new Bond babes, lets face it, the only thing that matters about them is that they are hot and they do not outshine the novice Bond. It is still a mystery whether director Martin Campell (“The Mask of Zorro”) will be able to bring back Bond in the same way he brought back Zorro. -Marie Montgomery

“Transformers” July 4

You’ll have to wait quite a while for this one, but after you check out the teaser trailer on, you won’t know what to do with yourself. From the director of “The Rock,” “Bad Boys” and “Pearl Harbor” comes an honest-to-goodness live-action movie about the ’90s TV cartoon show, Transformers. The trailer shows a Mars rover being attacked by a giant, realistic-looking robot.

So be patient. Transformers are coming. Unofficial news leaks about the project report that robots the size of 18-wheelers are being constructed by the crew. My prediction: the original “Godzilla,” meets “Power Rangers,” meets “Snakes on a Plane.” – Sean Corbett

Three ’06 Halloween Treats:

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Oct. 6

This upcoming Halloween season is guaranteed to be teeming with fear and blood for the horror flick aficionado. Due for release on October 6, is the prequel to the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2003). “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and will portray the upbringing and initiation of the evil chainsaw-wielding maniac “Leatherface” who gets off to the ruthless torture he brings onto his innocent victims. The original version of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as well as the remakes, are loosely based off of true events surrounding the real life serial killer Edward Gein who killed several victims in Wisconsin between the years of 1954-1957. The Beginning originally carried a rating of NC-17 but underwent cuts to bring it down to a box-office-acceptable R Rating. Be sure to look for the uncut version when it comes out on DVD.

“Saw III” Oct. 13

If you are desperately awaiting the release of “Saw III,” then you obviously skipped, “Saw II.” If you did catch “Saw II,” then you realized that the series had switched from psychological horror to literal extreme horror including a pool of needles. “Saw III,” according to the movie’s website, involves Jigsaw escaping from custody and fighting for his life, while his apprentice Amanda kidnaps Dr. Lynn (Bahar Soomekh) to attempt to keep him alive. The twist is that Dr. Lynn has to keep Jigsaw alive until another victim Jeff completes another of Jigsaw’s twisted mind games. Of course like all horror films there are many more unsuspected twists in the mix. This Friday the 13th release is sure to scare at least up until All Hallow’s Eve. – Marie Montgomery

“The Grudge 2” Oct. 13

The sequel, as you can guess, follows the same plot as “The Grudge.” A young woman in Tokyo is afflicted with the same curse that plagued her older sister (Sarah Michelle Gellar). This curse, which comes in the form of a creepy child, fills the person with rage then spreads to other people. “The Grudge 2” according to, not only afflicts people, but it picks out random people and brings them together to attempt to find their common connection with one another. You’ll recognize the lead woman from “The Ring.” One thing is for sure, horror films are like rabbits, and if we don’t control them they will keep reproducing themselves. Beware, 3 years from now the reviewer will be reviewing the “The Grudge 5” and the remake of the original “Grudge” with the newest special effects and Hollywood hotties. – Marie Montgomery

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