February 14. Valentine’s Day. That Hallmark holiday when young, in love couples swoon over chocolates and gas-station roses. If you’re single, it can be a tough time of year, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your room this weekend gorging on self-bought Godiva and crying over “When Harry Met Sally.”

This year, Fairfield University clubs offer you, the single students of Fairfield, a plethora of options for finding love. From computer programs that find you your perfect match to the chance to buy the hottest guys and girls on campus, the chances for love are high.

Get a date for a price

This Friday from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. SALSA sponsors it’s third annual “Buy A Date” at the Levee.

“For people that don’t have dates for Valentine’s Day, it’s a great chance to come out and have your chance with some of the finest men and women at Fairfield,” said Francesca Cobb ’04, president of SALSA.

Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on over 20 eligible Fairfield students. Anyone who bids over $15 will receive two movie tickets for their date, with the highest bidder also receiving a gift certificate to take their date out to dinner.

Last year saw a wide variety of students being auctioned off, including basketball players, SALSA members and other members of the Fairfield community. Men’s basketball player Terrance Todd grabbed the highest bid last year, earning $48.

“The best part is that it all goes to a good cause, with all proceeds going to Dress for Success,” said Cobb. “We wanted to keep the tradition alive of doing something fun and good for the community. It’s a great event.”

Dress for Success is a charity that helps over 45,000 low income women in 75 cities each year by giving them a suit and setting them up with a job interview, helping to get them off welfare and into the workplace.

Cobb added that SALSA Candy Grams are also benefiting the charity. So far, over $100 has been raised.

“It’s a great, diverse crowd,” said Cobb. “Everyone that comes out always has a great time.”

Dating by survey

If you want to buy yourself some extra time and avoid the pressure of a Valentine’s Day date, IRHG has extended its Data Match offering.

Three hundred copies of the survey have been distributed to students, according to Jessica Cataldo, president of the IRHG, but only 30 surveys have been returned as of press time. To increase the number of people participating in the Data Match results, IRHG is planning on passing out more surveys during its popular “Singled Out” event occurring Friday at 7 p.m. in the Oak Room of the Barone Campus Center.

Questions are varied, and include whether you’re a clean or messy person, what kind of salsa you like the most, and apparently important enough to ask twice, if you’re male or female.

Results will be made available sometime between one and two weeks after the big V-day, meaning that Valentine’s Day won’t be the last chance for true love. While the Data Match program usually incurs a cost to those students who want a copy of their printout, IRHG is eating the cost of the program in order for students to enjoy it more fully.

“I’d say it’s a fun thing to do,” said Cataldo. “However, I don’t think you should expect to meet your future husband from this.”

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