1. Michael Cicirelli

Peter Caty/The Mirror

My tattoo has a number of meanings.  The part of the chest plate is a rendition of the four elemental goddesses.  As the legend goes, each face sits in the center of the universe positioned in one of the four directions.  They each breath out a distinct elemental energy and when those energies combine, the light of creation is released, unleashing all knowledge of the forms and divine cycles of the universe.

There are only three faces on my chest and my face makes the fourth.  The symbolism is very straight forward.  Divinity emerges from mortality.  It is a physical representation of the fact that perfection grows from an imperfect realm.  It is a constant reminder to keep moving towards the forms, to keep realizing, to always seek knowledge, and to find beauty in the smallest grain of sand.  It shows that divinity is in the dullest of objects, and everything, no matter how small carries some hint of the great light.  It is a symbol of power and of protection.

2. Andrew Robinson

Peter Caty/The Mirror

“Fluctuat nec mergitur” means “Rocked by the waves but does not sink” I got it when I was 16 when I qualified for nationals for swimming for the first time.

I took Latin in high school so that’s where I learned the phrase. The French navy keeps that phrase on their seal and since I’m French that was another reason why that was important to me. My mom was pissed when she found out. You can get a tat in New Jersey when you’re sixteen with your parent’s consent, however my friend’s father gave me this tattoo in his downstairs parlor.

Peter Caty/The Mirror

3. Chris Morris

It’s an Apache spirit eagle, I’m 25% Apache and take great pride in my heritage

4. Nils Ole Refvik

Peter Caty/The Mirror

I had been in the states for two years and thought I’d never return to my home country of Norway. The tattoo is the Coat of Arms of Norway, with the initials NOR under which stands for Norway AKA “Norge” and also my name Nils Ole Refvik. I’m a patriot but I’ll probably stay many more years in the states working in the film industry. I’ve been here for four years and every once in a while I look down to be reminded of where I come from.

Peter Caty/The Mirror

5. Lawrence Rispoli

I got my tattoo when I was 18. I designed it myself and it holds a lot of meaning to me. The “Crooked Dagger Blade” represents the crooked roads of life and I feel how you deal with them defines who you are. The “Maroon and Blue Handle” represents my high school colors, Xavier in Manhattan, and everything I took from that experience The “Red Rose” represents family. I have two immediate family members that have rose tattoos, both of those are insignificant of each other. The “Skull” at the top was just something that was cool that I liked The “No Shame” on the hilt of the dagger, represents my high school drill team’s team motto, which I was a co-captain of, and also how I try to live my life, without shame. I feel as long as you do your best, whether you win, lose or draw you should have no regrets, no remorse and no shame, whether it is a sports competition or life in general.

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