To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and to congratulate the members of FUSA who have worked so hard this semester. The programs and events that were scheduled for the student body for the first semester have been met with great excitement and high levels of participation. Without the hard work and dedication of the FUSA membership, we would not have been able to achieve as much as we have.

One of the many highlights from the first semester includes our successful move into the newly renovated Barone Campus Center. Our current office space is double in size compared to the former FUSA office. Additionally, now all clubs and organizations are each assigned a workstation where they can store paperwork, hold meetings and attract prospective members. Located across from the FUSA office, these workstations serve as the location for many hard hours’ work. Continuing with our on-campus operations, the creation of the Board of Governors has resulted in a more efficient dispersal of funding to our clubs and organizations, and hence has increased the overall rate of club and organization participation in FUSA. Each of the Class Councils as well has shown tremendous motivation in organizing and planning trips and events for their respective class members.

The FUSA Senate has worked hard this semester developing committees, approving FUSA members and expenditures, and representing the voice of the student body. Student Court has been vigilant in taking an active role in hearing cases involving infractions of the University’s Code of Conduct. And finally, in noting FUSA’s successes of the first semester, the phenomenal 112 concert organized this past weekend by the FUSA Programming Board cannot be overlooked. This is the first concert sponsored by FUSA since 1998 that not only sold out, but also made a profit.

FUSA, however, has not only been hard at work on campus, but off campus as well. Through the dedication of the newly established External Executive Assistant, FUSA has fostered a close working relationship with the new First Selectman of Fairfield and is continually working towards building a closer bond between the student body and the Town of Fairfield. Part of FUSA’s off-campus involvement includes addressing student concerns over quality of life issues on and around Lantern Point, and taking an active role in planning a memorial to be dedicated in remembrance of the Sept. 11 tragedy. Also, be sure to be on the lookout for the first ever edition of Beach News on Dec. 9. This joint publication between FUSA and SBRA is intended to keep student beach residents informed and connected to the university.

In closing, let me say that FUSA’s first semester has been very productive, and will be even more exciting and eventful next semester. Please be sure to keep up to date with FUSA events and happenings on our new website, Thank you to everyone for their hard work; I cannot wait to see what the next semester will bring. The individuals that work with FUSA take ownership in what they are doing and produce quality events for the student body. Congratulations on a great job done so far and please keep up the great work.


Joseph Piagentini

FUSA President

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