SuretteheadshotI honestly don’t even know why we are having this debate. It is not even a contest. If it wasn’t for the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where everyone knows the Revolutionary War started, we may all be talking with a stupid British accent and still pay taxes on tea to the Queen across the pond.

But enough of a little history lesson. Let’s get back to business. First of all, you guys aren’t from New York, so stop trying to act like you are.

There are numerous reasons why Jersey is known as the armpit of America, and if you don’t believe just check the Web site,

Now let’s discuss some characteristics between Mass. and Jersey, just to show why this state truly sucks. As for sports, there’s not even a competition. Does Jersey even have a major league baseball team? Oh wait. I forgot, you guys jump on the bandwagon on whatever New York team is having the better season.

As for sight-seeing, I would much rather go to Springfield and see the Basketball Hall of Fame or take a nice drive to see the fall foliage in the Berkshires, then drive through downtown Newark, where I’ll probably see a drive-by every 20 minutes.

The two states have one thing in common and that’s they’re known for their summer vacation spots: Cape Cod and the Shore. But the Shore isn’t comparable to the Cape. I would much rather watch the sunset in Chatham or fish in Wellfleet, than see the guidos comparing who’s muscles are bigger or listen to the guidette’s b*tching and moaning about their boy troubles on their iPhone’s that daddy paid for. Haven’t you guys seen True Life: Jersey Shore? If you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now we know why New Jersey gets all the crap it does. So the next time you cross the George Washington Bridge, be aware of all the garbage trucks.

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