The Dan Vaughan Band is the new addition to the Fairfield University music scene. Dan Vaughan, the New Jersey native, who is majoring in finance at Fairfield, leads the group. The first album “Here’s To You” shows a lot of promise and invokes the feeling of a young Jack Johnson.

The first song, “December’s Broke and Beautiful,” has a really natural poetic feel to it that just takes you away. The novice of the band comes through in the lack of diction of words at some points where the words just become beautiful mush, which may be for artist effect.

“Escalators” is another song to watch out for because it has a great upbeat feel to it and is incredibly catchy. Most of the songs center on love and the sort of iconic females that every female wishes to be just so she can have a song written about her.

Each song on the CD demonstrates the band’s diversity within the genre of modern rock folk. The irony of the “John Mayer generation” genre is that it seems to want to rebel against the status quo without leaving behind its rainbows and polos. This shows itself on the track “Here’s to You,” where the lyrics talk about his parents not understanding why he plays music and pushing him to get back into the corporate line for life. Unlike the Woody Guthrie’s, who became wonders and really left society, our new generation of musicians express frustration but then seem to just get over it.

Overall, the music of the Dan Vaughan Band will feel like something you should have heard already and want to hear again. The Dan Vaughan Band will be touring most of the East Coast this summer. For those of you interested in hearing the Dan Vaughan Band, the CD is streaming at The group will also be appearing at the Acoustic Café, April 21 at 8 p.m.

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