I’m sure you’ve all made plenty of friends so far in college, but how many of them could you actually live with? Being friends with someone involves seeing them only when you want to. Living with someone is a whole different ball game.

Sharing a room with someone can either be civil or it can be a disaster. Roommates are especially susceptible to being bothered by small things.

I need air traffic controller headphones to hear myself think when my roommates are eating sometimes, but I’m not their mother so I can’t say anything. I’m sure there are plenty of things that I do that bother them. It’s a two-way street when you live with other people.

When you share a room with someone, you have to get in sync with the other’s schedules. You have to know, for example, how long it takes them to work out, so you know when to work it out.

Communication is key; a tie on the door just doesn’t cut it. Roommates have to be on the same page. This could involve an alternating schedule, late night heads-up texts, sleeping on futons or the elusive double date slumber (getting weird?). Not only does communication help you get some, but it helps roommate bonding.

Roommates have a way of dealing with one another’s different moods. For example, sometimes my roommate likes it when I blast Beethoven’s 5th from my gas chamber, and other times he doesn’t.

Speaking of falling asleep in the same room, there’s nothing more masculine than a one on one male pillow talk.

During those, plenty of predictions and claims are made. In fact, I bet my roommate that I could put on 10 pounds of pure fat before the end of the year and I will not go down without a fight. Please help to cheer me on.

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