Full fledged college relationships are few and far between. The most common college relationship is the hook up. It all starts with one drunken night when casual flirting turns into not-so-casual touching. This process inevitably repeats itself on drinking nights.

It happens so fast that you may not even realize that you are ‘with’ someone, but somehow everyone knows who everyone else is hooking up with. Even if you only told your roommate, he/she definitely spilled the beans. As Julia Roberts so eloquently suggests in “Ocean’s 11,” somebody is always watching.

The drunken hookup is where most college relationships reside. Some rise out of the vicious cycle of blurred nights and reach the safe plateau of the sober hang out, while others just fade away into the ether. With the constant temptation of other suitors, it’s like dancing in a minefield.

After a few sober hang outs, dinner and movie dates, you are officially a couple. But for some reason or another, some couples still try to deny it. Guys still introduce their girl as simply their friend. We may even see a Facebook “in a relationship” update but without a name.

Even if you’ve made it to the sober hang out scenario, don’t assume anything, especially in the wake of the summer. A lot of college students use the summer as a way to free themselves from the hook up situation that they have fallen into.

Therefore, for the last two months, guys and girls alike have been setting up their summer flings. Everyone has someone at home that they’ve hooked up with in the past and know that they’ll probably hook up with again.

Don’t expect things to pick back up again in September. People change and so do you, so start fresh. This is one of the many reasons that all guys love freshmen girls.

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