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With lights, camera and action, coupled with music, dancing and tight, glittered dresses, the Quick Center’s “Ballroom! We are the Champions!” event this past Saturday Sept. 17 proved to be the next best thing to a taping of “Dancing with the Stars.”

The show included six couples, and each of the 12 professional dancers is an American and world ballroom dancing champion. The two 50-minute acts were performed in front of a nearly sold-out audience. Thanks to the popularity of ballroom dancing shows like “Dancing with the Stars,” ballroom dance is now widely admired for its artistry and captivity.

The six ballroom dancing couples included Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan, Dmitri and Svetlana Ostashkin, Audrey and Yulia Klinchik, Gherman Mustuc and Iveta Lukosiute, Jose DeCamps and Joanna Zacharewicz, and Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski.

Terrazas and Grdan displayed their specialty, the Argentine Tango, with perfection. Dmitri and Svetlana Ostashkin wowed the audience with their rhumba, getting everyone to move to the music in their seats. Andre and Yulia Klinchik, together since 2005, moved across the dance floor as if they were one. “So You Think You Can Dance” fans were probably pleased because the beautiful Iveta Lukosiute, who was once featured on the show, danced with her usual effortless grace that entranced the audience. Her partner, Gherman Mustuc, complemented her style and led her across the dance floor.

All the “Dancing with the Stars” fans recognized the once featured dancers on the show, DeCamps and Zacharewicz. The two had amazing rhythm and their technicality was truly impressive.

Even though Ploszaj and Kaczmarski were the youngest of the program, they were the talk of the audience after everything ended.

“They were unbelievable, their faces looked calm and I enjoyed watching them the entire time!” stated Maggie Andrew ’14.

These US National Jr. II 13-year-old champions definitely deserve that title from the level of maturity and precision seen in their dancing on Saturday night. Jive, samba, any dance you can name, these dancers can perform with incredible dexterity and heart.

Gary Wood, the director of the Quick Center, was pleased with the overall turnout and the show as a whole.

“I didn’t understand how beautiful and exciting it was to see [ballroom dancing] live,” he commented after the performance.

“Between the pre-performance dance lesson (which was filled to the brim!), an energetic and technically stunning performance, and the celebratory “Meet the Stars” Reception after the show, it was a great start to the 2011-12 season…and this is just the beginning!” said Adrienne Bryant, the assistant director of the Quick Center.

Audience members, including Maria Zampano ‘80, agreed with Wood and Bryant, saying the kids who performed were so “professional.”

Karen Guasp ‘80 added to the overwhelming praise by stating that “[the footwork] was so intricate.”

The ballroom dancing showcase was refreshing and memorable. The students who made the choice to indulge in this beautiful dancing extravaganza on Saturday night were not disappointed.

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