There has been plenty to decipher after the first full week of the intramural spring season. The contenders are starting to separate from the pack, while the pretenders are struggling to find moral victories after crushing defeats.

The race for the men’s A softball crown is really heating up. Of the 29 teams, three have opened the year clicking on all cylinders.

Last year’s runner up, the Late Night Burners, captained by junior Brian Denneny ’09, pummeled the opposition 19-4 in its opener. Now that the only team that has ever beaten the team, last year’s champs Team Balco, has graduated, it seems poised to finally get over the hump and win the championship.

Another strong contender is Tom Emanski’s All Stars. Two years ago this was a young team that reigned supreme. Last season was disappointing for the veteran squad, as they not only lost in the playoffs, but also in the regular season.

Justin Eisner ’08 has his squad looking re-energized, but he’s going to need James “Thumper” Thompson ’08 and newcomer Kevin Curtis ’10 to have big years if they hope to win that coveted T-shirt once more.

The third team that has come out with a bang is the Sal Ciaccio Memorial All Stars.

This team, which is comprised of many former baseball players, gives power a whole new meaning. Tyler Birrittella ’08 and Ryan Hoffman ’08 look eerily similar to the former bash brothers Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Sal C’s even came out with, not only matching uniforms, but also personalized entrance music for each batter.

Another sport that is quickly becoming a fan favorite is Pickleball, which is essentially life-size ping pong. It is a two-player double elimination tournament-style format and the competition looks intense.

Monday nights in the Birkenstock Fieldhouse are simply electrifying.

The fast-paced, high-scoring Arena Football is a sight to see. Athleticism is a must as all four courts are utilized to increase the open space needed to make moves with the ball.

Only two linemen are used on both sides of the ball, rather than the three necessary for flag football. This rule truly opens up the field for high-octane action.

Indoor soccer, like softball, is another sport that boasts a highly competitive men’s division and a fun-filled co-ed division. Just like arena football, it’s high scoring and played in the Fieldhouse. The shorter field means that the goalies always have to be on their toes.

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