Song: Wedding Dress
Artist: Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson’s whole “Some Mad Hope” CD is amazing, but this track is my favorite. There’s just something about the slow tempo and Nathanson’s voice that just makes it so perfect. But “Car Crash” and “To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts” are close seconds.

Song: Bad Romance
Artist: Lady Gaga
I love Lady Gaga more than words can express. This is another one of her amazing dance songs, and it’ll be stuck in your head all day. Plus, the      music video is insane.

Song: Colgando En Tus Manos
Artist: Carlos Baute and Maria Sanchez
The catchiest Spanish pop song I know. Also, it reminds me of Spain. So judge me. Whether or not you actually know Spanish, it has a great beat and if you do know Spanish, it’s a really cute song.

Song: Violet Hill
Artist: Coldplay

Nothing beats this song live. Already there’s an ominous feel from the beginning, and the build-up just explodes into these rough keyboard notes. Coldplay knows how to turn a song into a work of art, and they do it here.

Song: Grey Sky Eyes
Artist: Carbon Leaf
Carbon Leaf combines the best of pop/rock and bluegrass (yes, penny whistles are involved) to create a unique, catchy sound that defines the band. The harmonies in this song are amazing, and it’s a slow, easy song that is perfect when you need to relax.

Song: Whatcha Say
Artist: Jason Derulo

I’m obsessed. The lyrics might be stupid and cheesy, but I could listen to this on replay 24/7… seriously.

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