Eric Lessard ‘10, Senior Team Manager for the men’s basketball team, is the focus of the latest “Let’s Be Frank” episode.

Frank Romano: What are your responsibilities as team manager?
Eric Lessard: My responsibilities are mostly operational. With the coaches, I help prepare scout information, prepare for practices, prepare film and other game-day operations. With the players, I assist with their practice, game-day needs. I rebound for them — and other various responsibilities that come up on a day-to-day basis.

FR: What’s the time commitment like?
EL: It’s not a 9 to 5 job. It’s pretty much whenever things need to get done, they need to get done — whether it be in the middle of the day, preparing for practice, or late at night after a game, throwing in the laundry.

FR: How did you become one of the team managers?
EL: One of my good friends from high school, his brother managed at Boston College, and he knew Coach Cooley. And when Coach Cooley got the job, my friend’s mom highly recommended that I do it. I love basketball, and I love NCAA basketball, I love the Tournament, I love competition — games and everything — so I figured, why not?

FR: What’s your least favorite part of the job?
EL: The time. It’s tough to coordinate school, basketball and other life activities … But when games come around, and just being around the guys — that’s why I do this job — for the guys and the game.

FR: Do you scrimmage with the players, and have you scored any points?
EL: No, I’m just a fan of the game. I don’t scrimmage. I’m just the man behind the scenes.

Editor’s note: Lessard is one of two Senior Team Managers on the men’s basketball team. The other is Nick Maki ’10.

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