Last fall, as the Levee rocked with many concerts, this campus buzzed with news that Dave Grazynski, ’04, and his record label, Last Night’s Escape Records (LNE), were to release a compilation CD from all the shows this winter. The concerts have long been over, the songs recorded, and while LNE may have dissolved, one thing remains solid: the compilation will still be released.

As many may recall, The Mirror previously published articles on LNE as well as the many WVOF Hostile Takeover Concerts. The Recording Club and WVOF worked closely then to record these shows for the live compilation album which may be titled, “Last Night’s Escape; a Compilation”.

Since the fall, Grazynski has had to deal with some difficulties, delaying the final product, now nearing its final stages.

“The only real difficulty I ran into was doing the final mixes and translating the suggestions from the bands on how they want their songs to sound to the mix,” said Grazynski, “The other hassle has been dealing with the record companies. Most of the record companies have been extremely cool. Other labels didn’t return calls or e-mails for months at a time. As much as it pained me to do it, I just gave up on them That is why the CD has changed slightly.”

Originally a double disc release, the compilation has been reduced to a tightly-packed single disc. “I didn’t want to use a lot of filler on the second disc, a […] single disc would be more effective and generally more appealing to listeners,” says Grazynski. “If you think about your experiences with a double CD release, most of the time you only listen to one of the CDs and the other finds the floor of your car. Trust me – it will be better in the long run.”

Many eagerly await the compilation’s release, previously expected to be released in January or February. We all know that good things come to those who wait, and that patience is a virtue.

At press time, Grazynski had just been given the OK from Ten Pin Management to release a live song by Hot Rod Circuit on the disc, who performed here last semester. That being done, he will be able to put the finishing touches on the artwork and send everything to the manufacturing company very soon.

This can only mean one thing: the compilation will be out soon, and when it is, it will be available through many different parts of the university, as well as off campus through independent record stores, Hot Topic stores, and online at

Based on the fact not many students attended the concerts, sales may be more successful off campus. “I think that its harder to get people out of their dorms to go to concerts,” Grazynski said, “but its easier to put a CD in a stereo. Sadly there wasn’t a huge on campus draw [to the concerts].” The off campus sales will be controlled by the releasing label (Asbestos Records) and the distribution company (Orange Peal Records).

Grazynski’s main effort is to promote the compilation on campus, and many students seem extremely excited about the its release. “The Media Center has been 1000% supportive of the CD,” he says, “I really couldn’t do it without the help of Casey Timmeny or Father Mayzik. I think my biggest fans so far are the Board of Governors; I brought them a rough mix of the compilation to give them an update and I heard that they all burned a copy and talk about it all the time.

“Everyone with FUSA – especially Karen Donoghue – have been eagerly anticipating it and I can’t go to the campus center without one of the grad assistants asking me about my progress! It’s always cool knowing some of my work is appreciated,” Grazynski added.

After the compilations’ release, what else does Grazynski have in store? So far, he has taken a position with Asbestos Records to help them with general work, as well as maintaining his studio. He still keeps in contact with Madison Prep (a band LNE promoted), who has recently recorded a new EP. “Even though I don’t have the label anymore I am still active in the business side of music outside of the compilation,” he says, “I’m helping Madison Prep with press kits and navigating some of the business parts of music, and I can promise you that I will be piling in a van this summer with them on tour! Goodbye summer job.”

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