To the Editor:

The recent visit of the R’B group 112 to Fairfield caused some controversy, skepticism, and everyone had a different opinion of how they were accepted. Despite the different opinions of the band, or their performance here, there was one unique attribute about their visit. The FUSA sponsored event granted The Mirror, WVOF, and The Ham Channel a pre-show interview with the foursome. To my knowledge, this was the first time the four media groups on campus were able to collaborate on the same project, and it was quite a success!

Josh O’Connell from The Mirror, Jen Jaksina representing WVOF, and Mike Catallo for The Ham Channel researched the band, prepared creative and challenging questions, and even when the time for the interview was cut because the band was running late, the three interviewers kept their cool and ran a smooth and fun press conference. FUSA prepared a conference room specifically for our interview with 112 and helped us organize together to best utilize our time with the performers.

I’d like to thank the programming board of FUSA for making this possible. In addition to reading about the interview in The Mirror, you can hear it re-played on WVOF, 88.5 FM, and it will be up on The Ham Channel (64) shortly. Look for posters coming soon, and check it out, the guys were funny! Thanks to Ross Ajemian and Kevin Tracy for helping me film it, and once again, WVOF and The Mirror. I hope we can work together on more projects in the future. When we combine forces, we don’t lose individuality, but gain collaborate strength and build lasting relations.


Sarah Courtney ’03

The Ham Channel Executive Producer

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