Now it’s time to talk about the most popular bar in Fairfield. It’s a bar that you can only get into with the right kind of ID. It’s the bar that half of the student body goes to at least once a day. No, it’s not The Grape or Bravo, it’s Barone, or as I like to call it, Bar-1.

Barone has tried to step its game up this year by making a few changes, most notably the changes in seating.

Now, let’s be honest. We don’t go to Barone for the food. If most of us had a choice we’d eat there rarely, if not at all. So why do we look forward to going? To creep!

The new setup of the booths has almost eliminated Fairfield student’s favorite pastime. Gone are the days where you can sit with your friends for an hour or two after you have finished your meal and be able to see everyone else in the cafeteria. Ninety percent of the fun was giving people that you didn’t know nicknames, seeing what other people were eating and being able to see the entrance so that if a potential hook-up walked through you’d be able to time getting your ice cream at the same time he/she is getting a grilled cheese.

Seeing who was sitting with who was almost as informative as the mini-feed on Facebook. I don’t care if a relationship is Facebook official, if you see two people who have hooked up before and are eating alone at a table in Barone more then twice in a week, they are in a relationship. It’s a well-known fact that one Barone date is equivalent to five dates in the real world, it’s science.

Also, have you tried getting in and out of those booths? It’s difficult. The worst is when you are still hungry after your first helping, because you can only bring one plate and one drink to the table, since we can no longer be trusted with trays. You want seconds but you’re sitting in the middle of the booth, so you have to make three of your friends get out before you can shimmy out. Bring back the old, crappy circle tables! I’m glad the rectangle ones are gone though, those were no good.

The next major change is the’ ‘ sandwich-making station. I like this one because I’ve never been very good at rolling wraps. But, once again, this station causes more problems then it solves. Now, if you want a sandwich you have to wait forever in line. Sandwiches used to be the quickest station there, because it wasn’t as popular as the warm food and it allowed several people to get what they wanted at the same time. This is no more. Now you have to wait and listen to people argue with the person who is making their sandwich: ‘Noooo, I said Swiss cheese, not honey mustard.’

I like where the people in charge were going with this idea. People like having things made for them as opposed to putting in the effort themselves. This probably makes the sandwich station, one of the healthy stations, more popular, which is good.

If I may make one suggestion though: there should be one station where people can make their own, and one where people make them for you. It is incredibly annoying to wait in line for five minutes just so I can get a wrap and then go in the back station and make myself some buffalo chicken.

About the back station, where I make GREAT buffalo chicken wraps: All those hot plate things need to be functioning. This is the busiest place in Barone and it’s a guarantee that at least two of the burners aren’t working. We also need another panini press, and we need it to actually work.

Other than that, I love Barone. As a junior living in the townhouses, I don’t get down there as often as I used to but when I’m there, all the great memories flow back.

It’s a lot of fun sitting there and eating with your friends while watching everyone else. So, everyone raise your plastic cups and cheer to the best Bar-1 in Fairfield..

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