The Best: Archie Moore’s

Free wings, free wings, free wings. Making Archie Moore’s the best happy hour spot is the unlimited servings of their prize winning buffalo wings. Those saucy wings have been voted “Best in Connecticut” many times and make your hour even happier. The comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and absence of loud music allow people to talk and just hang out while enjoying a drink from their fully-stocked bar. They also offer different specials during the week. Archie Moore’s is the place to go when you are tired after a long day of work, classes or just want to unwind.

The Worst: The Levee

Happy hour is not so happy at the Levee. Why not you ask? Well, the place is as empty as a church on Monday morning. The Levee has been trying to lure people in through theme nights, Senior Mug Nights and karaoke but it hasn’t spilled over into their after-work crowd yet. The Levee features free snacks, foosball, pool, friendly student bartenders, dollar drafts and cheaply priced drinks but it hasn’t hit its stride with the upperclassmen who seem to prefer off-campus bars.

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