Two men on the FWF roster have waiting a year and a half for this Saturday, December 8th, 2001. On Saturday, the Fairfield Wrestling Federation will bring “Last Resort,” it’s Fall 2001 Free-per-View, live to

Studio A at the Ham Channel in Xavier Hall. This event will take place at

1:30PM and all students are urged to take up the opportunity to catch a rare FWF live studio audience event, admission, as always, is free.

Freshman tough guy Business will take on newcomer Sabotage, who will be making his debut at the event. Japanese martial arts sensation Rising Son will face an opponent to be named at the event. Spiceman and Oz look to settle their feud once and for all, and also gain #1 contender status for the coveted Hardcore Title. Seasoned veteran Kid Dynasti has vowed to beat the power of the Lord into Hardcore Champion Funky Chunk, in a no-holds barred matchup for the Hardcore Title. Finally, the main event consists of the first ever singles match between Hardcore Jim Finnegan and Badd Dawg Colin Davis for the undisputed FWF Heavyweight Title, now vacant. The title was vacated when FWF commissioner Rob Rocco stripped The Don of the title because it was

won by treachery, and The Don was unable to make a mandatory title defense because of an alleged injury. The Don was unavailable for comment, but Commissioner Rob Rocco has vowed that The Don will not interfere with the proceedings.

Finnegan and Davis have been on a collision course since one year ago, when Finnegan turned his back on all of his former alliances after losing the FWF Heavyweight Title at the original Free-per-View, Fall 2000’s “The

Finn-ale”. Finnegan then renounced his friendship with Davis, disgusted

by Davis’ mutual respect with Finnegan’s former archenemy and

current FWF commissioner Rob Rocco. Since then the two men have been at odds while each climbing a ladder to the top of the Federation. Davis compounded the schism by aiding Rob Rocco in eliminating his final opponent, Finnegan, in an 8-man elimination match, winning the FWF title at the Spring 2001 Free-per-View “Ham Slam at Spam Jam”.

Some FWF fans would call the match between Kid Dynasti and Funky Chunk a co-main event. The battle between these two seasoned veterans will decide the FWF Hardcore Champion. Dynasti clearly holds the advantage in technical wrestling and agility, but he may have difficulty with the sheer size and strength of the 270-pound suburban gangster, Funky Chunk. The FWF invites, and urges, anyone who wants to see these wrestlers put it all on the line for free to come to studio A at the Ham Channel in the ground floor of Xavier Hall (Fairfield Prep Building). Admission is free, and the FWF promises this will be its most explosive event ever, with a record 5-match card, culminating with the FWF’s most heated rivalry in the Main Event to decide the FWF Title. Take a break from your work, and come support your favorite FWF superstar at 1:30PM on this coming Saturday, December 8th at Studio A at the Ham Channel. All are Welcome!

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