Up and coming acoustic superstar Matt Nathanson performed an incredible show before a sold-out house at New York City’s Irving Plaza Tuesday, October 12. The angelic voice of Charlotte Martin and the southern-rock sounds of Ingram Hill got the crowd going before Nathanson took the stage to rock. Nathanson and his band, which headlined at Stagstock earlier this year, went over an hour and a half playing eighteen of their most popular songs. (See inset Setlist) Nathanson assaulted his guitar, strumming with feverish energy as neon lights cut through the smoke-filled stage. Singing over the occasional inebriated fan, his intensity never wavered. An evident bond of friendship as well as musicianship was seen amongst Nathanson and his band, as they were able to improvise on command for some added flare without losing their smiles. Fans were even privileged to hear his cover of “Jessie’s Girl,” the classic rock song by Rick Springfield. The high point of the show was his performance of perhaps Nathanson’s most popular song, “Laid,” found on the “American Wedding” soundtrack and in the opening credits of the movie. After invigorating the crowd, Matt slowed it down with a personal favorite, a jazzed up acoustic version of “Church Clothes” that managed to captivate the entire attendance. Nathanson related well to the crowd as usual, making some lewd though hilarious comments and humoring some boisterous fans. He then rewarded fans an encore, to the apparent dismay of Irving Plaza staff, as the audience would not budge even as lights came on and advertising screens came down. Matt sent his fans reluctantly packing with a solo acoustic version of “Little Victories.”

Matt Nathanson’s performance on October 12 was an overall incredible concert, as he played all the songs fans wanted to hear. In addition, the generally small and controlled venue fostered everyone’s enjoyment of the music without the usual excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol. Just as after Stagstock, Nathanson was very appreciative of his fans and took multiple times out to thank them. Matt will be fairly local to Fairfield soon, playing at Webster Underground in Hartford on November 4.

SETLIST: 1.Pretty the World 2.Sad Songs 3.Vandalized 4.Weight of it All 5.Jessie’s Girl 6.Princess 7.Lost Myself in Search of You 8.Laid 9.Church Clothes 10.Suspended 11.Lucky Boy 12.Fall to Pieces 13.Angel 14.I Saw 15.Curve of the Earth 16.Amazing Again 17.Answering Machine 18.Little Victories

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