The Best: McDonald’s

With “Billions and Billions Served,” McDonald’s is yet again the best fast food of Fairfield, though probably not for quality but rather for lack of any competition. To put things into perspective, there are four Mickey D’s within a five minute drive from campus, and not a single Burger King or Wendy’s for miles! Besides it’s sheer convenience, the food at McDonald’s is cheap and a relatively good alternative to Barone (unless you’ve seen Super Size Me!, the screening of which is not advisable if you ever plan to enjoy McDonald’s again). One downfall of Mickey D’s: always double check to make sure your order is right, especially at the drive-thru. Perhaps the biggest draws of the Golden Arches are their 24-hour restaurants at the I-95 rest stops in Fairfield . . . because we all know that nothing is better at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night than an order of Chicken Selects!

The Worst: Duchess

First I’d have to say that my parents loved Dutchess… in the 1960’s! Back before large fast food chains ruled America, smaller chains like Dutchess were able to make a name for themselves. Let’s face it: with McDonald’s now ruling the fast food game in town, the majority of Fairfield students are simply unfamiliar with Dutchess. It’s something new and different for students from around the country who grew up with their Happy Meals. It’s not that the food isn’t good at Dutchess, it’s just so darn expensive compared to the alternative. How can you compete with the McDonald’s Dollar Menu? However, Dutchess does offer a much greater variety of food. Some unorthodox fast food options at Dutchess include clams, meatloaf and pancakes. Dutchess is definitely the underdog in this category, but I strongly urge Fairfield students to take a break from the Dollar Menu and head across the street to Dutchess.

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