Just got asked out on a last minute date? Don’t have time to purchase an outfit? There is no need to stress about what to wear on Valentines Day. You can find the perfect outfit sitting in your closet.

Dinner & a Movie:

For this scenario you are going to want to keep it simple, but still pretty. Clearly you aren’t going to wear a short mini dress with high heels to watch the Justin Bieber 3D movie. Stick to a cute top, definitely try and keep in the red or pink family to stick with the theme of the day. Then pair it with a nice pair of jeans. I would suggest a nice pair of flats or boots to go with this outfit, but if you absolutely can’t go out without heels on then go for it. Don’t forget your clutch at home, you never know if you’ll have to throw down half for the meal.

A Night Out on the Town:

Most people don’t think to take their date here on Valentines Day, but apparently it happens and I’m not saying I hate the idea. I would suggest the highest heels you own and the shortest dress you have for this date. No, I’m joking obviously. Definitely remain casual for this. You are going to be doing a lot of walking and staring, so wear something comfortable.

Museum or Aquarium:

If your date decides to get extra spicy and takes you out to New York City then a casual pair of jeans and red shirt won’t exactly work. For this event it’s best to dress up a bit more. I would suggest either a dress or skirt and top with a blazer over it and pair of high heels. It’s Valentines Day why not get a little extra sexy!

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