In my years I have gained a bit of a reputation as being able to throw quite a fiesta, party, get together, whatever you would like to call it, (but of course never illegally and never on campus…). However, if you are going to attempt such a party here are a few things that need to be part of your lineup.

The Chicken Wing:

Whether you call it a buffalo wing or chicken wing, this is as essential to the Super Bowl Party as Peyton Manning is to the Colts. Though I love the spicy variety, this does not appeal to the masses. However, barbeque wings are a definite no-go. Keep the sauce in the medium range or mild and offer additional side sauce. Archie Moore’s take out always hits the spot.

Ice Cold Be…verages:

Of course you want to provide tasty refreshments for your guests. Taking their age into account of course, plan ahead with a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Save money by getting cans on sale and a bag of ice. This also allows for easier cleanup since there are no cups. Beer goes with wings, not liquor. Try a darker beer such as Bass Ale or Sam Adams Winter Lager to complement the taste of the wings.

The Pool:

I am not suggesting you go swimming, but a small Super Bowl pool where people can guess the winner is always fun. A great way to do it for the lesser gamblers is to have everyone throw down five dollars and pick a winner and score. The closest person wins the pool. Nobody loses too much money and in a game where people are not avid fans of either team it makes it more interesting.

Don’t start too early or go too late:

This is a common misconception. Save yourself time and money by starting a half hour before the game and ending it after the post-game interview. This way guests know when to get out and you don’t have to deal with the after party problems.

All in all, this is a great plan for success.

– Dan Akeson

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