In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Tim Reynolds, who has worked with the Dave Matthews Band, discussed his current tour.

The Mirror: Your first show of the tour was on Friday in Charlotte, and you are playing in some other big cities like Pittsburgh, New York and Indianapolis. What made you pick a small town like Fairfield and which do you enjoy playing more, a small town or a big city?
Tim Reynolds: I kind of like the variety really. Personally, I like playing in the country. Each time you play the same place two different times it’s always a little different. Each gig, no matter what you expect is a little different.
Fairfield, I like it up there. Actually I was there earlier this year and it was fun. I like that little venue. It’s like those kind of places in general, it’s got this real vibe of, you know, playing to people. The environment where you can really feel the people and the music really fills up the room.

TM: Yeah, Fairfield Theater definitely provides for an intimate atmosphere.
TR: Yeah, I like the ways it’s shaped. Kind of like the arch of the floor.

TM: Earlier this year you started recording with Dave Matthews, which is the first time you’ve been in the studio with him since recording ‘Some Devil’ in 2003. How is that going?
TR: Good, we just kind of got started on it, really. I think we’ll be doing more of that later this year. I think it will be really good.’ It’s just good to be in there doing that again.

TM: In your and Dave’s album ‘Live at Radio City,’ there is a lot of improvisation. How has your jazz background helped your improvisational music skills?
TR: Oh yeah, jazz and Indian music from India too. Because there is a whole different type of improvisation from that kind of music which is all about adrenaline. And jazz is mostly, a lot of times anyway, about cordial structures and you know there are different kinds of things in both of those kinds of music for improvising. There are a lot of different ways to improvise. It’s hard to try to encompass all of it in a single night because you might have a certain type of headspace and then a couple minutes later break into a kind of mode depending on the moment and the energy of the place, the energy of yourself and the interaction. With improvising you can come up with some improvisation on a certain night but sometimes you play the same licks several time and it kind of fills the duality of it. Thinking, ‘well there were a couple moment where I was just playing for kicks and a couple times I was trading flow.’ That’s the good thing about playing a lot of gigs. You don’t have to feel like ‘well that night was a bummer, what am I going to do about that?’ There is always another night to break into new things. You have another opportunity to make up for some something and can continue a bunch of new things.

TM: You haven’t had a solo album since 2005’s ‘Parallel Universe’. Do you have anything in the works?
TR: Oh, yeah. We recorded a TR3 record this spring, which will come out early in the year next year and I’m really psyched about that.

TM: Are the majority of the songs you are playing on this tour from the new album?
TR: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, you’re going to hear a lot of the songs we worked up, plus a lot of other ones.
‘ We are kind of learning some new songs and also building up a list of songs, a repertoire as it were. Learning some more songs from the ‘Parallel Universe’ and then going wide into the different periods of music over the years. It’s good to keeps learning songs whether they are covers or originals, you know. It’s all good.

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