1. If a girl spends the night, she may regret it in the morning when she has to make the “walk of shame.” This could be pretty embarrassing. When she walks out of your room in the mini skirt and high heels she was wearing last night, people suspect one thing and one thing only. Help the poor girl out. Offer her a sweatshirt or a jacket, something to cover up the fact that she did more than just drink the night before.

2. If you bring someone back to your room and decide that he/she won’t be staying the night, make sure he/she has a safe way home. Considering that the other person is most likely drunk, has smeared makeup and/or party clothes on, letting him/her walk home alone in the middle of the night wouldn’t be the most appropriate action. Offer to walk your new friend home or call a cab – don’t be a jerk.

3. If you ignore the person you previously hooked up with whenever you cross paths, at least ignore him/her with class. When you walk by snickering, whispering and/or pointing, not only do you make yourself look obvious and completely immature, you make the other person really uncomfortable. So if you’re going to ignore him/her, do it in a legitimate way – pretend you’re on the phone, listen to your iPod or look the other way.

4. Own up to your hook-up! You may regret your actions from the pervious night, but the truth is it happened. And although you may be embarrassed about it, at one point you found that person attractive. Like it or not, you now know that person a little bit more than most others on campus.

5. This isn’t really a rule as it is more of a tip: If rumors and whispers start floating around about your hook-up, don’t shy away. Stand up, set the record straight and laugh about it. By acknowledging the gossip and making a joke out of it, people will admire your care-free, who-gives-a-damn attitude and stop talking about it. Believe you aren’t the first one – others will be jealous they couldn’t deal with post hook-up feelings as well as you are!

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