While many students mourn the loss of traditions, one senior event held strong this weekend: Mock Wedding.

The bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, priest, ring bearer and flower girl were joined by approximately 350 guests on Lantern Point for a mock marriage ceremony.

The ceremony began at 3 p.m. and featured the bridal party decked out in goth attire – the theme chosen for this year’s event – standing atop a beach-front house deck as onlookers cheered on from below.

Following the ceremony, buses departed from Veterans Park on Reef Road, transporting the wedding party and guests to the ‘reception,’ which was held at Aqua Turf in Plantsville, Conn.

The reception included food, dancing and an open-bar. Although the reception ended an hour early, students say they still had a great time, and many simply headed to The Seagrape when they returned at 12 a.m.

“Everyone seemed to have a really fun time, it was a fun event,” said Ann Glover ’07. “I think it should keep going in the future.”

Seniors take the tradition of Mock Wedding seriously, dressing formally and treating the ceremony as an actual wedding.

Dancing at the reception in a large banquet hall with a bar in the corner and dance floor in the middle was a great fit for the senior class, according to Student Beach Resident Association (SBRA) President Adam Peterson ’07.

“For the most part, everyone had a great time and behaved themselves – only a few things had the management upset or worried,” said Peterson. “They said if they knew what to expect they would have had a cash bar, plastic cups and police at the door.”

The Mock Wedding has been a senior tradition for years. The Univeristy no longer takes any part in the event; it is completely organized and funded by the senior students themselves.

Seniors cast their votes for fellow classmates to act as members of the bridal party when they buy their tickets. The elected bridal party then chooses the theme of the wedding; this year’s theme was ‘goth.’ Last year’s theme was the ’80s.

There were only a few complaints. Senior Scott Leuffer, for example, said that the open bar ended too early.

“It was so much fun, I can’t believe it’s over,” he said.

This is not a one-day event. Tradition calls for bachelor and bachelorette parties, both of which were held the night before the wedding at different beach houses.

The groom, Brendan Cavanaugh ’07, said the entire bridal party hung out on Saturday afternoon before the ceremony.

“I hope my wedding is that fun,” said Cavanagh. “I had an awesome time.”

Cavanagh said he is friends with the bride, Caroline Sill ’07, and that it was weird both of them were voted bride and groom.

“I didn’t want to be groom, but I’m glad I was,” he said.

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