No, it is not another installment of Stephanie “Meyer’s Twilight” series. It is something even better. “Nightlight” is a short story parodying the explosive, teen-driven craze, written by the minds of The Harvard Lampoon.

“Nightlight” follows Belle Goose’s adaptation to her new school in the inclement-weather town of Switchblade. Written in first person, Goose’s narration is that of a self-centered, exaggerating, oddball of a girl. Belle Goose believes she’s perfect, popular and beautiful, which is all far from the truth. She’s clumsy and ridiculous, and her rambles involve emotional childhood memories and rants about vampires. Like I said, an oddball.

Following the “Twilight” story arc, Belle Goose meets and ‘falls in love’ with Edwart Mullen, a pale, muscular, nerd who prefers science experiments and computer games over interacting with girls. Edwart and Belle end up spending time together because she believes he is a vampire and he actually loves her.

Hilarity ensues as The Harvard Lampoon does a pretty good job of mocking every important event that happened in the first book. The visit to Edwart’s house, that scene in the forest, fighting the vampire — all situations are full of ridiculousness. It also helps that the writing is sharp and witty making the teenage angst seem even more shallow and superficial. Every single page has made me laugh. It’s that funny and that good.

“Nightlight” is an enjoyable satire, poking fun at not only “Twilight,” but the genre of vampire romance fiction that has popped up and detracted from the glorious myths of vampires. If you’re a big “Twilight” fan or an anti-”Twilight” fan, I suggest this book to you.

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