Juicy J scheduled for spring ’14

Classes will be over, summer will be just days away and Juicy J is scheduled to be in Alumni Hall. On Wednesday, April 30, the last day of classes for spring semester, rapper Juicy J is scheduled to be the main performer at the FUSA spring concert. His opening act is scheduled to be announced later today.
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From coast to coast: Fairfield student to bike 2,400 miles for charity

After a long day of classes and conflicts, Lauren Haviland ’15 shuffled to Gonzaga Hall for Glee Club practice at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21. As she indifferently took her seat, she leisurely pulled out her iPhone and scrolled through her emails. When her eyes fell upon one email, her day and her future were completely changed.
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Fairfield alum shares bodybuilding tips

Evan Centopani '04 speaks to students at a training seminar. Photo by Tebben Gill Lopez/The Mirror. On Wednesday night, about 30 Fairfield male students sat on the bleachers of Alumni Hall for a training and...
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Her Cocktail, Her Beer

I’ll have a Blue Moon, please. If your freshman year wasn’t filled with Dominos, tons of embarrassing stories, some regrets and a million memories, clearly you were doing something wrong.

Consent is not enough: aspire for enthusiasm

It’s Friday night and you and your girlfriends are ready for a great time. After a rough week of stressful nights studying and long days filled with less than intellectually stimulating classes, you cannot wait for happy hour. After a great dinner and drinks with the girls, you continue your night with some cocktails and fun before heading out to the bar.