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Students ‘try to put a face on’ conflict in Syria

Having family that lives in Syria, Iman Jebara ’17 did not realize how much the Syrian civil war affected her family until recently. “I logged onto Facebook and saw a thumbnail of my uncle, and he’s my favorite uncle, and he was saying he was a terrorist,” said Jebara.
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Student-athletes build connections

Senior Ryan Plourde encouraged his fellow classmates to network with Fairfield alumni. "The best advice I've gotten from an alum is to just get started early," said Plourde, a marketing major and baseball...

Female students learn self defense

Freshman Nikki Armstrong began taking self-defense classes as a way to feel more confident about protecting herself if she is attacked. “I used to have my dad and my brother to protect me when I was home,” Armstrong said. “I just realized I have to protect myself now that I’m off on my own in case a situation comes up.”
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Community sets sights on climate change

Residents of Fairfield County launched the first Citizens Climate Lobby meeting on Sept. 24 at the Burroughs Community Center. “We are really trying to make an impact from below on our congressional people to have an effective policy on climate concerns,” said Barbara Bresler, a Bridgeport resident that lived in Fairfield.