‘Endless Love,’ endless questions

From the previews, “Endless Love” looked like a rip-off of Nicholas Sparks’ “A Walk to Remember” or “Dear John.” The biggest difference though is that Sparks’ books and movies are classic romances whereas “Endless Love” begs to be forgotten.

‘Archer’ revamp hits the mark

One of the funniest shows on television has recently returned for its fifth season, and it has a whole new look. What was once “Archer,” an animated show on FX about a ragtag group of secret agents, has become “Archer Vice” in which these former agents are trying to sell a literal ton of cocaine.
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Intramurals ready to take on spring season

At most schools, Fairfield included, athletic notoriety belongs to the select few who achieve the Division I status. However, at Fairfield, there are between 600 and 900 students participating in intramural athletics.
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Fairfield Spring Sports Preview: Part 1

Even though the weather outside is frightful, spring sports at Fairfield are still going ahead as scheduled. This is the first half of our coverage of the teams that will be taking the field for the later months of the semester.
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American athletes you should know

Ted Ligety: You probably know him from those Nyquil commercials, but Ligety is also the favorite to win Giant Slalom on Feb. 19. He comes to the Olympics after placing first in the event at the World Championships and in the World Cup Standings.

Get to know four of our club sports

While much of the attention goes to Fairfield’s Division I sports, there are many other teams at Fairfield that are competing at a high level. The club sports teams at Fairfield have been regularly successful and impressive. Here’s a look at the past seasons from four of our Fairfield club teams.
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“The Walking Dead” midseason recap zombie face-off

What do you think was the significance of the major characters death? Jen: It was utterly heartbreaking on so many levels. On a social commentary level, I think it could have represented the loss of humanity and morality in this environment. I think that’s not the only time this happened in this episode.

Junior transfers ready to make an impact

After months of waiting to step on court in a Fairfield University Men’s Basketball jersey, transfer students Sean Grennan ‘15 and Malcolm Gilbert ‘15 are finally ready to see their year-long sacrifice pay-off.