No longer mad about ‘Mad Men’

The spark in Don Draper’s eyes has faded and unfortunately so has the buzz about the once great Mad Men. The beginning of the end was set in motion Sunday night with the premiere of the final season although...
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Disguised sentimentality in ‘Bad Words’

It’s always awesome when you approach a film with less than zero expectations only to find yourself pleasantly surprised. “Bad Words,” directed by and starring Jason Bateman of “Arrested Development,” is a mix of absurdly crude dialogue and sentimentality hidden in plain sight, a fresh twist on the progressively stale black comedy genre.

Music Review: The 80’s never ended

Lush space rock soundscapes tumble over Springsteen summer ballad nostalgia on cruise control. The War on Drugs has released a new track from their upcoming album “Lost in the Dream.” “Red Eyes” has all the makings of a 1980’s teen anthem and convincingly delivers that dream in a package of Cosmic Americana.

Dancing on the devil’s grave

Rumors have been circulating that certain members of the LGBT community are planning to picket former Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps’ funeral and have gay sex on his grave. The guy hasn’t even died yet, but already the militant left is mobilizing to desecrate the memory of one of the most hated men in America.