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Advising is more than PIN numbers

The College of Arts and Sciences has revealed a new process for academic advising, affecting the 1,600 students enrolled in the largest of Fairfield’s four colleges.

What it takes to be FUSA president

Vogel, election night 2012. Photo by Nicholas DiFazio (The Mirror). With a year and a half’s worth of FUSA presidential duties behind him, you would think Rob Vogel finally has time to relax. Not...
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Andrews attracts nearly 400 fans in Fairfield

ith a speaking voice as musical as her singing, Julie Andrews chatted with an estimated 400 fans on Thursday as she signed copies of her latest book, “The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart,” at the Fairfield University bookstore.
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Julie Andrews to visit University bookstore

Mary Poppins, Maria von Trapp and the Queen of Genovia are coming to town. Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, will be at the Fairfield University bookstore on Feb. 7 to sign copies of...
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Fairfield University goes green

As summer approaches, campus gets a little greener every day. And through the efforts of the recent Campus Sustainability Plan, green is here to stay. However, Dr. James Biardi, an assistant professor of...

Shedding Light On a Dark Issue

From the safety of a college campus, it is easy to downplay the effects and pervasiveness of violence against women. Only five incidents of sexual abuse were reported at Fairfield University in 2010, according...
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Why Have There Been So Many “Mr.” Presidents?

It’s an intimidating role and time-consuming task for any college student. Twenty-year-old Karen Donoghue was entrusted with a $290,000 budget and the huge responsibility of planning events and activities for all Fairfield undergrads, maintaining a disciplinary court and representing student interests in front of the school’s top administrators.
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Student Athletes Show Their Skills

Maggie Andrew/The Mirror We knew they could run and throw a ball, but who knew student athletes also have moves? The crowd at Alumni Hall found out just how talented Fairfield’s own student athletes...