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Minutes do not determine premeditation

Remember the double amputee that amazed the world by running in the Olympics? Remember how everyone cheered and supported him? The winner of the race even went as far as to trade numbers as a sign of respect. Oscar Pistorius, the South African sprint runner, has continued his fall from glory as his murder trial continues.
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Rampant misdiagnoses of ADHD children

Hyperactive children are a handful, as anyone who has been near a toddler knows. Three- to five-year-olds are loud, energetic and have a short attention span that I’m sure drives their parents and teachers crazy. Young children are just overflowing with energy — everything is exciting and new to them.

Facebook is full of fluff

Remember when you first created your Facebook profile and liked anything that even remotely connected to one of your interests? All the bands, movies, actors, TV series, books, etc. that had a page on Facebook which you like meant you would receive all their posts on your newsfeed.

Rowling regrets Ron/Hermione romance

As a longtime Harry Potter fan, J.K. Rowling’s announcement that she believes that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together shocked me. I was rooting for Hermione and Ron to get together ever since their fiasco at the Yule Ball; it was when Ron realized that he liked Hermione, but needed to treat her right.
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Gov. Chris Christie is skating on thin ice

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back in the news again — though not for his rotund figure this time. The past few months have been a bit of a mess for the New Jersey governor; between the Fort Lee Bridge Scandal, the questionable usage of Sandy funds and the need to cleanse his advisers, Christie has his hands full.
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Gory details won’t provide closure for Sandy Hook

What if I told you I knew what route Adam Lanza took to get to Sandy Hook on Dec. 14, 2012? Would you do a Google search and greedily devour the entire story for the slightest scrap of new evidence? You’ve scoured the web for new information about the mass murderer and for what? How does the route he took or the clothes he wore or the music he listened to change the fact that Lanza killed 26 people in a mass shooting for absolutely no reason at all?
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New Muslim superhero

Marvel’s is in the spotlight due to the release of “Thor: The Dark World” this past weekend. Among their other and ever-growing popular movies, what better time to introduce a revolutionary new character to the comic book world?
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Inventing Jesus

How would you feel if I told you that one of the central figures of your religion was nothing more than a myth to stop rebellions before they could occur?

Sick of spinoffs

A television show spinoff is like getting a gift from that prankster friend of yours — you’re excited but weary; you’re getting a gift, but is it a good gift?