Sunny Side Up

With sunny skies and 60-degree weather becoming standard, days spent out in the Quad or at Lantern Point basking in the mid-April weather are sure to be a regular occurrence. As you spend more of your days...

Coming Up Roses

Grey skies, bare trees and rainy days won’t be around for long, and with them will disappear our dark, heavy winter sweaters that have overstayed their welcome. So when the sun comes out and the flowers...

The Vanity of it All

Fashion as an industry can be pretty vain. It’s all about appearance: dressing a certain way, styling your hair in a particular fashion, even being a specific size, all matter in the world of fashion....
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Improv team to put on show to support the Afghan Children’s Project

by Aamina Awan Need some good laughs this weekend? Get out and come play with some funny, talented improv kids! If you have not seen the Off the Wall or On the Spot improv groups perform yet, you are definitely missing out on life. In a group consisting of incredibly talented actors and actresses, both improv troupes are exciting art forms and give 100 percent to the audience.
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Kelly’s Korner: Take a break

Our minds get a little too clouded with all the things we need to accomplish once in a while. I often find myself fretting all too often over things that just don't matter. Like a biology exam, for example (let's hope my biology professor doesn't read this).
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Fairfield’s project for Afghanistan

By Mikaela Conley and Aamina Awan It's easy to get lost in the notion of comfort, the idea that there are no worries or fears that need to fill our daily lives. Our Fairfield bubble of suburban bliss makes it simple to block out the world's indefinite struggles and hardships.
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Howie only Days away

If Fairfield students do not know Howie Day yet, they soon will. This Saturday the 22-year-old musician will play Alumni Hall and show Fairfield exactly why Rolling Stone called his music "evolved, sophisticated pop." In concert, Day takes that pop and turns it into a virtual one man circus, using multiple pedals and distortions to evoke beats, bass and melody with just his guitar.
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Pro-war student urges respect

To the Editor: The War in Iraq is in full swing. It looks like there is no turning back now, especially with a president many consider to be a war hawk. However, protests are far from over, and I applaud the people who continue their vigilant effort againts what they consider an unjust war.
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Hungry no more

Last Saturday the Barone Campus Center transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with the opening of "Starving Artists," a student run initiative that showcased the art works of Fairfield University students, faculty and employees. Many of the pieces, although original works, called to mind famous artists or artistic movements.
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Criticism comes with bold moves

To the Editor: I was intrigued by your article "Organizer of anti-war petition told to go live in Iraq." Dr. Naser certainly has every right to begin such a petition or organize such a rally, but from a strategic point of view he is failing miserably. Americans for the most part in the early days of a conflict or this conflict in particular will be very much behind the flag and the troops representing us.