Tuesday, 10/11

12:25 a.m.- DPS found a broken window in the Faber Hall Dining Commons. DPS was unable to determine who caused the damage. Anyone with any information on the subject is encouraged to come forward to DPS.


Friday, 10/14

11:38 a.m.- Residents of 47 Mahan Road reported a theft of Halloween decorations from outside their door. Two suspects were identified and referred to student conduct.

6:15 p.m.- DPS caught four individuals unloading an abundance of alcohol from the trunk of a car. The individuals were referred to student conduct for violations.

7:54 p.m.- A young man approaching Alumni Hall for the Lil Dicky concert ran from DPS when he was found in possession of alcoholic beverages. When he was caught on the ground floor of Meditz Hall, DPS dumped his alcohol. The individual was referred to student conduct.

7:56 p.m.- A student was documented for alcohol possession while attempting to enter the concert venue. The student refused to cooperate with officers and was referred to student conduct.

9:31 p.m.- Residence Life notified DPS of the smell of marijuana in the Townhouse 3 block area and found drug paraphernalia. Two students were referred to student conduct.


Sunday, 10/16

12:34 p.m.- A theft was reported at the back of the Townhouse 9 block area. An individual stole two scarecrow figurines. A suspect was identified and referred to student conduct.

8:10 p.m.- An individual took a table from The Levee. He was identified and referred to student conduct.

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