Saturday, 4/22

12:21 a.m.- Public Safety responded to an incident involving disorderly conduct between Townhouse 4 and 12 block. The individual proceeded to run away and when caught, told officers that he was a non-student and visiting a friend. The matter is still under investigation and the host student was referred to student conduct.  

12:56 a.m.- Public Safety encountered a student urinating on the side of a house on Townhouse 11 block. The individual was identified, told to stop and was referred to student conduct.

2:06 a.m.- A Resident Assistant in Jogues Hall contacted Public Safety when they found a bag of suspected marijuana near a vending machine. The bag is in the DPS evidence locker and security footage is being reviewed. No students are currently suspected.

5:39 p.m.- An altercation broke out between a registered guest and a student on Townhouse 6 block. The guest allegedly struck the student and then the student poured alcohol on the individual’s head. The incident was broken up by G-Force with Public Safety showing up afterwards. Both parties were offered medical services and declined, and also declined involvement with the Fairfield Police. The student was referred to student conduct while the guest was issued a criminal trespass warning.  


Sunday, 4/23

12:49 a.m.- Public Safety encountered an individual at Townhouse 4 block carrying an open container of beer. The individual was with another group of students and when asked to dispose of the beer and hand over their StagCards, the students denied. The students were referred to student conduct.

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