I got my first tattoo in Second Grade.


It’s permanent

And made of ink.

No needles were involved, though —

Not even one stab of pain.

It’s not what you think.

This tattoo is one-of-a-kind

Because the ink is etched across my brain

And woven all throughout my mind.

It appeared when the teacher introduced our very first real writing assignment,

As soon as the first creative idea hit me.

It showed up as an illustration of my first story.

I didn’t want the design to end there.

It was coming along nicely —

Why subject it to limits and confinement?

So I’ve let it expand and take its own shape

As fresh ideas flow through my mind.

It’s my own little masterpiece,

A goldmine for future literary works of every kind,

Blueprints for my writing career’s success and tremendous glory.

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