Greetings audiophiles and music nerds. September has been quite a prolific month for album releases as both long-anticipated records and outstanding premiers took center-stage for the month. With over 100 albums to choose from, it may seem intimidating to what your ears may want to perk up to but luckily, we have got your back with my top five album releases of this past month.


The National – “Sleep Well Beast”

Let’s knock the clocks back to 2007 to The National’s opus “Boxer,” when the indie rock quintet was at the height of their musical and lyrical proficiency, and gave us one of the best indie records of the past decade. The National honed in on their doom-and-gloom style and delivered a worthy sequel two albums and 10 years later.

Noteworthy Tunes: “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness,” “Dark Side of the Gym,” Born to Beg”


LCD Soundsystem – “american dream”

Easily the most-anticipated album of 2017, James Murphy and the rest of the crew have delivered on their promises on an immersive auditory experience that exceeds virtually any expectations. Murphy weaves a narrative of atonement that is supplemented with enough 70s disco influence to create a dynamic album that will certainly have fans dancing themselves clean.

Noteworthy Tunes: “american dream,” “change yr mind,” “call the police”


Phoebe Bridgers – “Stranger in the Alps”

In 2015, Phoebe Bridgers took the folk scene by storm when she was signed by legendary folk singer Ryan Adams’ record label, PAX-AM. I remember her first EP, Killer, but two years later, she has turned the folk scene on its head, leading a new wave of young bloods. “Stranger in the Alpsis so hauntingly beautiful that it commands one’s full attention during the first couple of listens and every listen afterwards.

Noteworthy Tunes: “Killer,” “Chelsea,” “Funeral”


Deer Tick – “Vol. 1”

As a huge Deer Tick fan, I can also in the same vein say that the second volume of their two releases this month was less than satisfactory, though, in this fully-acoustic showing, Deer Tick flexes their folk roots and demonstrates why they rule the folk rock roost. Taking inspiration from The Boss on this go-around, Deer Tick has done it again and delivered a worthy successor to 2013’s “Negativity.”

Noteworthy Tunes: “Card House,” “Hope is Big,” “Cocktail”


Mike Gordon – “OGOGO”

Coming off Phish’s storied Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden in New York and three nights at Dick’s, any sane Phish Phan would be justified in thinking that the band needs a break but in turn, bassist Mike Gordon has crafted a mind-altering adventure into Gordon’s quirky yet imaginative cognitive wonderland. Offering a great starting point for the basis of some crazy-good jams, Gordon delivers another one for the catalogue that is packed to the brim with enough synth and bass to make you go crazy sometimes.

Noteworthy Tunes: “Steps,” “So Far Gone,” “Victim 3D”

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