How to kill it in Stag Country

Welcome Class of 2018 All your hard work has paid off — the dreaded SATs and ACTs are over, the last grueling weeks of senior year have ended, the strenuous anticipation waiting for that acceptance letter that you thought would

Is Fairfield really as safe as we think?

public safety

Fairfield has a reputation for being a pretty safe campus, but how safe is it actually? A lot of people leave their doors unlocked when they’re not home and pretty much everyone feels comfortable leaving their iPhones and MacBooks unattended

Letter to the Editor: what we can learn from Elliot Rodger


To the men of Fairfield University, I believe it is time we have a serious talk about an issue that, during my four years at Fairfield, was continually brushed off as a non-problem. It is with a heavy heart that

Police at Point provide only safety hazards for students


The actions taken by Fairfield Police and hired security during Clam Jam generated a tremendous reaction from the student body. I would like to synthesize the major concerns related to this incident. I won’t take credit for highlighting these concerns

Letter to the Editor: to the student body


Dear Friends and Classmates, I wanted to take this opportunity through The Mirror to introduce myself as your future Fairfield University Student Association President. If we have not had the opportunity to meet just yet, my name is Alex Cucchi

The selfie epidemic continues to spread

The lyrics to The Chainsmokers’ song “#Selfie” are rooted entirely in truth. Teens and 20-somethings seem completely incapable of refraining from taking what has become known as a selfie when they find themselves in a situation that they deem significant