Letter to the Editor: Fairfield lacks transparency


To the Editor: A key principle of academic work is a commitment to shared governance. This principle stems from the inescapable interdependence among all the components of a University and requires that faculty members and administrators collaborate on decisions that

Why I’m cashing out on the new feature

One of the most entertaining parts of my day is seeing all of the people making odd faces in public. Are they making really odd faces for the purpose of Snapchatting or sending cash? Perhaps they are doing both, now

Humans are not meant to play God

On Nov. 1, Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the beginning of the year, ended her life after taking a lethal dose of medication prescribed by her doctor. Her decision to support the organization Compassion

…As Overheard in Barone, Dec. 3

overheard in barone 12.3

From @BrittaGunneson: “I won’t smell your leggings, that’s weird.” “Why are there cows in Barone?” “Do you see all the beautiful pies?” “Gobble gobble … I’m trying to attract the turkeys.” “I’m mad at Barone for disappointing me with dinner

Weighing in on childhood obesity

America: land of the free and the home of the obese. This is how other countries view the United States. Granted, the United States does have an extremely high obesity rate, but obesity is a problem in other countries as

Not accepting people is a cardinal sin


Since his election as both Bishop of Rome and the absolute sovereign of the Vatican City State nearly a year ago, Western media has frequently focused on Pope Francis’ leadership role in the Roman Catholic Church. Francis, despite maintaining many