We’ve become too “ab-used” to the situation

As the season is now underway for the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens have a lot more on their minds than winning their first few games. On Monday, Sept. 8,  Ravens running back Ray Rice was cut from the team and

ISIS is winning the battle through social media

They control 90,000 square miles, with soldiers on the ground from the Mediterranean coast of Syria to a few miles south of Baghdad. They implement strict Sharia law in the territory that they control. They have soldiers, about 20.000 to

Loved more dead than alive

“Can we talk?” That was the famous catchphrase of legendary comedian Joan Rivers, who passed away on Sept. 4 following complications from a minor medical procedure. The raspy-voiced New Yorker was best known early in her career for her often

iSee a growing trend


Cell phones are becoming bigger and bigger these days, moving away from the previous, compact trend. When cell phones first began to gain popularity, they were so big that they needed to be carried around in boxes. But as technology

Scotland: the fight for independence

Nationalism has been the driving force behind the fight for independence for centuries.  It has the ability to start and end wars, initiate the rise of rebellions, and alter the face of politics around the world.  Not only does nationalism

Depression is more than just ‘feeling blue’

One of the roles that Robin Williams played that stayed with me for years was his portrayal as John Keating in “Dead Poet’s Society.” Nothing else quite so touched me as Keating’s lessons to his students about how short and