The necessity of quiet hours: Are they worth having or worthless?

Point Quiet hours: An essential part of dorm hall life or an unnecessary precaution? I think that quiet hours are pointless when it comes to life in the dorms. Most students do not pay attention to the hours enlisted. They

Don’t Ask Meg: A haunting in Fairfield

Dear Meg, My room is haunted! My shower turns off and on for no reason, and I keep hearing noises coming from my bathroom pipes. I live on the top floor of my building and every night, my roommates and

Yousafzai leads to furthering girls’ education

Nobel Peace Prize recipients are made up of a myriad of unique members who have different races, ethnicities, religions and nationalities. The most recent recipient, Malala Yousafzai, is another one of those individuals who has become a symbol for the

Pumpkin festival turns into police riot

Throughout the weekend of Oct. 18, chaos, destruction and multiple transportations to a nearby hospital took place in the small community of Keene, New Hampshire. The mayhem took place during their Pumpkin Festival, an annual event in which the town

Halloween: night of the living cats

Halloween is almost here and the buzz on campus all week has been what everyone is going to dress up as. This holiday truly tends to bring out the bland in everyone. Some people go way too hard with costumes

Upperclassman car policy: unnecessary or a blessing in disguise?

Having a car on campus makes me wonder how I ever got by without it. I mean, sure, I took the StagBus any time I needed to get into town, but there is nothing better than being able to operate