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Editorial Board: Gridlock

In an effort to strike down the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) (we put the common name next to the legal one in parenthesis because many don’t know they’re one and the same), Republicans have refused to allow the passage of a new federal budget. The logic is: Stopping everything else so that Democrats are forced to rethink Obamacare is worth a temporary shutdown of nonessential government payments.
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Editorial Board: Unconvinced

We were young. We went to school on Sept. 11 thinking it’d be another day of recess, multiplication tables and art class. Instead, we watched teachers whisper to one another, we watched our classmates disappear as their parents took them out of school and then, in dimly lit classrooms, already in mourning, we watched the news.
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Editorial: Not Terrified

We can call ourselves the 9/11 generation. The memories from that cloudless, temperate day in 2001 must have surged through so many minds on this cloudless, temperate Monday – now known for a challenge to...

Editorial: For the family

There are two separate sides to this campus. There is the stage that only the students see, and there is the angle that only the staff can see. From that angle, this place is where they make a living. They...

Legalize Love

An atheist, a practicing Catholic and a baptized Catholic walk into Fairfield University. When the Supreme Court asks their opinion on gay marriage, they all agreed that it should be legal throughout the...

Falling short at the highest levels

What does it mean to be a victim today? In the news outside of our quiet campus bubble, institutions traditionally associated with honor, integrity and respect have been losing legs to stand on. Last...
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It seems like a silly time to step down when you’ve accrued 1.5 million followers on Twitter in the last two months. We’ve all heard that Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on Feb. 11, being...
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The Politics of Fear

“I need my guns so I can protect myself against the government!” If you’ve been following the news in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, you’ve probably heard this argument, or some variation of...
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A week of equal rights

Since 1944, the military did not officially allow women in combat zones, arguing against their ability to survive in times of war. Recently, news broke about the potential lift of Boy Scouts’ ban against...
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It can only get better!

When we thought this semester couldn’t get any stranger or any more stressful, a massive virus outbreak hit campus. Just a month earlier super storm Hurricane Sandy devastated the town of Fairfield, giving...