Told by Drudoll: Neon lights the spring

Now that it’s beginning to feel like spring, it’s time to pull out the neon colors. This vibrant trend is here to stay for the warmer months, so make sure to stack up on brighter pieces. Neon colors can be a bit intimidating to wear, but they are nonetheless playful and perfect for the upcoming months.

Told by Drudoll: The secrets to shopping

When most of us shop, our instinct is to buy whatever immediately attracts us. Unfortunately, this habit can limit our individual styles because we ignore clothing that doesn’t instantly catch our attention. These shopping tips will help to expand your personal style.

Told by Drudoll: Go Green

This weekend the streets will be filled with people parading in their emerald green costumes. St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and what better way to join the festivities than in style? Here are some fashionable ways to incorporate green into your ensemble.

Told by Drudoll: Sporty Chic Essentials

Heels: The main go-to option for a sporty chic look is a pair of heels — but it can’t be any old pair. Sporty chic usually fits best with simple sandal pumps, plain booties and pointy toe heels.

Told by Drudoll: Mix-n-Match

Fashion is all about taking risks with colors, patterns and styles. If you want to change up your style, you don’t need to go on a shopping spree. Experiment with the clothes right in your closet. Some outfit combinations may appear unusual at first because you are not used to the change, but the only way to expand your fashion sense is to be more open-minded to different looks.

Told by Drudoll: What to wear for Date Night

When it comes to going on a date, figuring out what to wear is tricky. Most times, it takes going through a million different outfits before finding the right one — but if you keep these tips in mind, the decision-making process should be a bit easier.
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Told by Drudoll: Put a sock in it

A pair of socks can do wonders for an outfit. Yup, you read right — socks. These small accessories can do anything from creating a casual look to adding excitement to your attire.
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Told by Drudoll: 5 Fashion Trends of the Year

1. Bling It On. A little extra shine can’t hurt … unless it’s reflecting in the sun, of course. Metallic fabrics are making a big entrance in 2014. From copper tones to rich gold shimmer, you will be seeing a lot more shine in stores.

Fall fashion reaches Fairfield

Fashion-forward Fairfield students wearing this fall's hottest trends pose for pictures around campus. It is a well-known fact in the world of fashion that September is the month to reinvent your wardrobe....