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Nutrition 101: What is Myfitnesspal?

Some of you may have heard about MyFitnessPal from friends and family on and off campus. However, I would like to inform and emphasize to you all what a great tool this application is. MyFitnessPal is an...
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Nutrition 101: Stress and Eating

As college students, we are faced with everyday stressors including classes, homework, projects, work, and even finding the time to do your laundry. Overwhelmed by all these responsibilities, students often...
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Nutrition 101: College students how to

One of the biggest problems college students face on campus is learning how to eat healthy and maintain a nutritious diet. Going through the adjustment of leaving home and no longer having home-cooked meals...
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Stuffed Mushrooms: Easy to Impress

I’m always on the lookout for recipes that look and taste fancy, but are actually super easy to make. I’ve also been obsessed with goat cheese and Portobello mushrooms all year, so when I saw this recipe,...
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Fairfield Test Kitchen: easy home cooking

Fairfield Test Kitchen: As the school year gets started, many of you might be facing a daunting prospect: living without a meal plan for the first time. Kitchens can be intimidating, but learning to cook is...

‘Bucks takes over Stag Country

Conveniently located in the DiMenna-Nyselius Library, the library café will offer signatureStarbucks drinks, snacks and pre-made sweets. The café, which has been newly refinished, will be open seven days a...

Fairfield Foodie: Best bets off campus

The Fairfield campus has a lot of great dining options, but let’s be honest: Eating at Barone day in and day out can get a little monotonous. When you find yourself stuck in that daily pasta-and-salad rut,...

Best Bites: Paci

Paci’s architecture and ambiance was the brilliant vision of Italian owner, Bob Patchen. A massive clock is powerfully projected on the wall parallel to the mezzanine level dining area. Eighteen years ago, Paci was the Southport Train Station depot; Patchen bought the building and took out the second floor to open up the space.

Best Bites: Bonda

With a very minimalist, luxurious atmosphere, Bonda is the perfect spot for an upscale weekday date. The friendly staff greets you as if you are a guest in their own home. The décor is classy and modern, which lends itself to the clean-cut feel of the restaurant.

Best Bites: The Gray Goose

Right around the corner from Southport Center, across from the Delamar Hotel, is The Gray Goose. Under the same ownership as Westport’s Spotted Horse and Fairfield’s The Chelsea, this environment has a similar comfortable ambiance.