It’s midterm season, and you can cut the tension around campus with a knife. Einstein’s is everyone’s new favorite spot and you can barely find a seat in the library. Countless exams, papers and projects pile up, and the struggle is definitely real.








How much they blindside us. Did we not just get to school? How is it already the middle of the semester?

The lack of sleep. When you have three tests, a paper and a group presentation all due on Wednesday, you can’t afford even four hours of beauty sleep.

Our aching backs from hunching over desks. Occasional stretching is too time-consuming.

The one friend who has no midterms and takes every opportunity to remind you of that fact. It definitely doesn’t help to hear how fun The Grape was on Tuesday night while we were drowning in work.

No one is nice when they are tired. Not even a large iced coffee can put you in a good mood during midterms.

The sudden realization that you might be in over your head. When it’s your sixth hour in the library and you’re still on the first chapter, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Subsequently having a mental breakdown, where you question why you are even in college.

When the library is packed and there are people who don’t understand the concept of a “quiet floor.” Please take your study group elsewhere.

No matter how hard you try not to procrastinate, you always end up cramming 30 minutes before your exam.

Where are the reading days? Midterms: 5 exams, 1 week. Finals: 5 exams, 2 weeks, days for sleep and sledding and even eating.

Then, the week comes to an end and you begin to realize that midterms are not even half as stressful as finals.  Well, at least we have a bit of time before then.

Good luck, Stags.

We've got this!

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