“All of a sudden I woke up and was outside.”

“Is anyone else scared of the turkeys?”

“I swear I saw a leprechaun run across the Quad this morning.”

“I was thinking of bringing one of the turkeys home for Thanksgiving.”

“Why don’t they have a class for Netflix?”

“I woke up like this … no literally I just rolled out of bed.”

“Everywhere I go, I whip out my StagCard.”

“I bought my parents’ Christmas presents in the bookstore … with their money on my StagCard.”

“I found a muffin in the shower this morning.”

“Who smashed pizza on the mirror last night?”

“FYE event and free food? I’m there.”

“Do you think Lucas [The Stag] leaves to help Santa while we’re on break?”

“Why can’t the turkeys be our mascots?”

“It was so cold last night I almost got stuck to the Stag.”

“You put the school on lockdown and didn’t get suspended?”


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