Congratulations! Whether for your major or your minor, you have secured an internship that takes place during the school year. Not only will it offer you valuable field experience, but obtaining course credit for the hours that you work puts you one step closer to your degree. However, the daunting thought of juggling schoolwork, real-life work and your social life might seem overwhelming. Check out these tips to make the most out of having an internship that runs smoothly.

Figure out a cost-efficient way to commute. Taking the train might be your first thought, but depending on whether you are working locally or in NYC, check out the prices of driving or taking a bus.

Don’t overload yourself. It might feel weird to take less than five classes, but you have to remember that you are essentially holding a job as well.

Know the law. Research the policies in Connecticut and what the parameters are for working unpaid. You want to make sure that no one is exploiting you or expecting more from you than they are allowed to.

Communicate well. Work with both your boss and Fairfield’s internship coordinator. If you have any concerns about scheduling or your role as an intern, bring it up to them immediately. They are there to help!

Brand yourself. Although you may not be the most skilled in the office, be sure to always look and act your best. The people that you are working with now are valuable connections, who one day could offer you a full-time job. So, network now.

Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to admit that you are unsure of how to do something. Your boss would much rather have to explain something once than have you mess it up multiple times.

Balance. Now that you’re working two or even three days a week on top of taking classes, learn how to say no. It’s OK to turn down another time consuming leadership position or the opportunity to go out to The Grape one night to focus on the things that you are already committed to completing.

Most importantly, have fun. Now is an incredible opportunity to figure out what you love to do before you even graduate, so seize the chance. Don’t stress out too much and enjoy your time as an intern. Remember, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.

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