Now that Alumni & Family Weekend 2016 has come and gone, full of sports, food and numerous activities, we can appreciate the best parts about having our parents and old friends on campus for a few days.

1. Being able to taste-test all of the best food trucks.

Alumni, students and families line up at the Taco Loco truck on the BCC Green on Oct. 22, part of Alumni & Family Weekend’s StagFest event.

2. Adding to your plethora of Fairfield apparel. Your parents will definitely want to go to the bookstore, so you’ll be able to snag a few new t-shirts.

3. Seeing alumni. Everyone is back in town for the weekend, so you will end up seeing old friends everywhere you go.

4. Showing the beautiful campus off to your family. Especially in the fall, Fairfield is an incredibly pretty place to brag about.

While the Fairfield Men’s Rugby team faced off against UConn in the cold and rain, alumni, parents and students braved the gloomy weather to watch the game.

5. Having another excuse to not do your homework. Like we needed one.

6. Taking your siblings out at night. Having your brother or sister at a townhouse party or The Seagrape is the best.

7. Having meals outside of the dining hall. What is better than being able to go to an actual restaurant on your parent’s dime?

8. Meeting everyone else’s family.

9. Showing your parents that you’re settled in and having a great time, and being able to thank them for that. Maybe if you’re lucky, Mom will even clean your room.

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  1. David Orintas class of 1964

    Of the 100 million dollars to be spent and a baseball field, a stadium, a renovated Rec Plex and a new Aulmni Hall gym, expanding the student center, how much of that money will go to expanding the library building, adding more books to the library collection and expanding the physics, chemistry and biology labs, contributing to the Catholic Studies program? Virtually none of the “entertainment” facilities is so important that the academic should be shorted. In fact they are virtually unimportant, Fairfield Univeristy is NOT a yuppie country club: it is an academic institution. Academic prestige should be what attracts students and not treadmills. These expenditures are at the very least a disgrace.


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