Dear Meg,

My room is haunted! My shower turns off and on for no reason, and I keep hearing noises coming from my bathroom pipes.

I live on the top floor of my building and every night, my roommates and I hear footsteps above us.

There have been rumors that my building is haunted. I recently announced that I don’t believe in ghosts and that night, the noises started. Did I do something wrong?

What should I do?


Freaked Out In Fairfield


Dear Freaked Out In Fairfield,

What are you still doing here? This is definitely a sign that you should drop out of Fairfield and move away immediately. I hear Alaska is nice.

If you aren’t taking my first bit of advice and have stuck around, consider making the fine purchase of an Ouija board. My guess is that it’s your mission to get rid of the very scary ghost that is obviously haunting you. Hold a séance – with battery operated candles of course (for fire hazard purposes) – and apologize for anything you might have done to upset the ghost.

Fortunately, Ed (deceased) and Lorraine Warren of “The Conjuring” movies only live 24 minutes away in Monroe, Conn., so if the ghost does anything else, their people can help. But, if the ghost does kill you, maybe they’ll make a movie out if it and you’ll be famous!

Always keeping it real,


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